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Supreme Hero (覇皇; haou) is a family premiered in SD06. and it exists in all colors. They are based on famous heroes, and during the Heroes era, Supreme Hero cards with rarities of Master Rare or below were called "Hero Spirits", while Supreme Hero X-Rare cards were called "Hero X-Rares".

When first released, all Supreme Heroes have the Burst mechanic, which sets them apart from the similar Great General family. However, the unspoken rule of "all Supreme Heroes having Burst" was broken by the collaboration card How Ancient! Pharaoh-kun, released during the Burning Soul era, four years after the family debuted.

Supreme Hero is also the only family to have cards with two Burst conditions at the same time. The family used to only have Spirits, but in convenience of supports, SD56 brought along Nexus cards with the family.

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