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Supremacy (覇導 ; hadou) is a keyword debuted in BS55, possessed by all six colors but only exists on Magic cards. The wording is as follows:

  • Supremacy - While this card is in your Hand, when an opposing Spirit/Ultimate attacks, you can use the following effect, without paying the cost. Supremacy can only be used once per turn.
    [Individual effects], after this effect resolves, you can activate this card's Rebirth.

Supremacy is a keyword to mimic the Burst keyword, with the difference that Supremacy activates from hand. The Japanese name of the keyword 覇導 is a pun on 覇道 which means "domination", and 導 which means "to guide", fitting for the fact that the keyword is applied to the Magic cards borrowing the theme of the Supreme Hero family Spirits.

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