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Superstar (超星 Chōsei?) is a family introduced in SD51, though there was a preview of it earlier in LM19 in the form of The SuperstarDragonBlade Siegwurm Sword. Except for The SuperCentaurusDeity Grand-Sagitto-Nova, every Superstar Spirit is also an Astral Dragon, and they're mostly Red or Purple.

In-universe, Superstars are those who abandoned the "Twinkle Star" title, dragons who had made their home in The Grandstar Laniakea. They temporarily were brainwashed by The EvilStarDeity Zodiac-Desperia, but the united efforts of The Negotiator Mix, The Grandwalker Lilia and the Zodiacs freed their planet and defeated Desperia, whose ultimate goal was to spread the brainwashing across the entire galaxy.

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