Stinger is a model of droids featured in the Battle Spirits Sword Eyes anime.


The Stinger droids were successors to the now-obsolete Bringer series. They normally serve the royals, and consider themselves superior to older droids. They likely exist in each of the six colors, and are controlled by the Sword Eyes of Darkness.

White Stinger

First seen in episode 1. They serve under Yaiba. Tsurugi battles against one, and was victorious. When defeated, he was programmed to reveal a message from Yaiba.

Voiced by: Fuminori Komatsu

Green Stinger

First seen in episode 2. They serve under Gordy, and were used to attack Pacifice. Green Stingers have an insect-like appearance.

Voiced by: N/A

Blue Stinger

First seen in episode 4. They serve under Brau, and were used to search for Tsurugi and Bringer after they escaped Atlantia.

Voiced by: Kenji Sugimura

Purple Stinger

First seen in episode 5. Though they were serving Garudos, that may be because the purple Sword Eyes of Darkness hadn't yet appeared. A particular purple Stinger, Zardo, battled against Sora. He has horns on his head, unlike the normal models.

Voiced by: N/A

Red Stinger

Red Stinger's don't seem to exist at first, because they would belong to the red Sword Eyes of Darkness. One appears towards the end of the series when Garudos summons Caladbolgar. It is defeated by Bringer.

Yellow Stinger

One yellow Stinger appears towards the end of the series, when Garudos summons Caladbolgar. It is defeated by Bringer. Unlike the other Stingers, the yellow has a distinctly feminine appearance.


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