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Stampede (突進, Tosshin) is a Blue keyword which had its debut in BS36. Currently, the only Spirit to possess it is The BoarTwelveGodKing Calamity-Boar. The effect is worded as follows:

  • {During Seal} Stampede (When Attacks) Target and attack the opposing Spirit with the lowest cost. When the blocking Spirit is destroyed, target the next opposing Spirit with lowest cost and make it block.

Stampede is a rare effect that allows a Spirit to continuously attack opposing Spirits. The advantage is that since everything is considered one battle, effects such as ending the Attack Step don't activate before Stampede has finished its activation, making it easy to clear the opposing board. Being a target attack effect, it also skips any flash-timings before block.


  1. As Stampede specifies that the attack can only continues if the blocking Spirit is destroyed, if the blocking Spirit is removed from the Field in any other ways (e.g. depleted, returned to hand), or simply can't be destroyed, then Stampede's activation ends after the battle with that Spirit.
  2. When Stampede targets the second Spirit or more, all these battles are considered within one single battle. So if Calamity-Boar gains another (When Attacks) effect (e.g. through braving), that effect only activates when Boar target attacks the first Spirit, and doesn't activate when Stampede targets other Spirits afterwards.
  3. As all these attacks are considered within one single battle, any effects with the timing "at the end of battle" only activate after the last battle made by Stampede has ended.
  4. During Stampede, if a Spirit is removed, but has a "remain on Field" effect, or a braved Spirit is removed and it's needed to decide whether the brave is staying, all these effects/actions are paused by being on standby state, and are only resolved after Stampede has ended.
  5. During Stampede, when the targeted Spirit is destroyed, and the opponent declares a Burst with the timing "When your Spirit is destroyed by the opponent", that Burst activates before Stampede targets the next blocking Spirit.
  6. When Calamity-Boar attacks and Stampede doesn't target a Spirit, Stampede's "When the blocking Spirit is destroyed" effect doesn't activate.

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