Stampede (突進, Tosshin) is a Blue keyword which had its debut in BS36. Currently, the only Spirit to possess it is The BoarTwelveGodKing Calamity-Boar. A spirit with this keyword has the following text on their card:

  • {During Seal} Stampede (When Attacks) Target attack the opposing spirit with the lowest cost. When the blocking spirit is destroyed, target the next opposing spirit with lowest cost and make it block.

Stampede is an effect that allows multiple battles to occur with a single attack declaration, therefore, two important points must be noted:

  1. An effect that activates when attacking (Such as one given by a brave) will only activate once.
  2. The Attack Step-ending effect of cards such as Burst Wall will only take place after the attacking Spirit's attack ends, therefore, the Attack Step will only end when either all opposing spirits are destroyed or Boar is defeated by BP.

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