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Soul Drive (ソウルドライブ, Sōru Doraibu) is an ability that debuted in BS33 together the Sengoku Six Generals. Soul Drives can activate powerful effects, in exchange for removing a player's Soul Core.png (Soul Core) from the game. Rather than being restricted to a particular color, it is restricted to Ultimates. Different Soul Drive comes with different timings and conditions, but the most common one is (When Attacks).

The keyword text reads:

  • (Timing) Soul Drive - If you banish the Soul Core.png(Soul Core) on this Ultimate from the game, (additional effect).

While the text indicates that you "banish the Soul Core from game", in tournaments, the banished Soul Core is put to the Void and the player can't take the Soul Core back from the Void during their core step. Another thing to note is, you can't activate Soul Drive by depleting the Ultimate, meaning to send the only core on it, Soul Core in this case, to the Void. On the other hand, the LV of the Ultimate when activating Soul Drive is accounted before actually sending the Soul Core to the Void. Therefore, an ultimate at LV4 can activate its [LV4] Soul Drive even if banishing the Soul Core would bring it down to [LV3].

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