Soul Drive (ソウルドライブ, Sōru Doraibu) is an ability that debuted in BS33. Soul Drives can activate powerful effects, in exchange for removing a player's Soul Core.png(Soul Core) from the game. Rather than being restricted to a particular color, it is restricted to Ultimates. This effect can be activated when an Ultimate activates its (When Attacks) effect.

The keyword text reads:

  • (When Attacks) Soul Drive - By banishing Soul Core.png(Soul Core) on this Ultimate from the game, (additional effect).

List of Soul Drives



  • The SengokuSixGeneral Mudou: For each level this Ultimate has, send two cores from the opponent's Spirits/Ultimates/trash to the void.
  • The HellsoilSorcerer Denial: Send all cores from one opposing Spirit/Ultimate to the Reserve. For every core sent due to this effect, you can summon one Purple Spirit card from your Trash without paying the cost.
  • The Hellflame Duke Bram-Zand-Noir: Send two cores each from all opposing Spirits/Nexuses to the Trash. Additionally, on the opponent's next (Opponent's Refresh Step), the opponent cannot return any cores from their Trash to the Reserve.
  • The SengokuSnakeGeneral Ultimate-Asklepiooze: Send 3 cores from each opposing Spirit to the Void.


  • The SengokuSixGeneral Tensei: Place cores from the void on your spirits and ultimates in any way you like, equal to the current total of cores in your reserve and on your spirits and ultimates.
  • The Hellwind FourDemonLord Vandiel: Reveal cards from the top of your deck until three Ultimate cards appear. All of those Ultimates cards can be summoned without paying the cost, ignoring their Summon Condition. The remaining cards are discarded.





  • Unmasked Antarc: Reveal 20 cards from the top of your deck. You can summon all Spirit cards in the family "Investigator" among them without paying the cost. Discard the not summoned and other remaining cards.
  • The DarkKnight Dusk Dragon: Refresh all your Ultimates.

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