For the card of the same name, see Soul Burst (Card).


Soul Burst (Sバースト, Sōru bāsuto) is a modified version of Burst. So far all 5 card types have this ability. They are treated the same as regular burst cards, and are subject to burst discarding effects and Ultimate Hand. However, unlike regular bursts, Soul Bursts can be activated ignoring the conditions through the special ability Catalyze.

Cards That Have Soul Burst Effects

List of Red Soul Bursts

List of Blue Soul Bursts

List of White Soul Bursts

List of Green Soul Bursts

List of Purple Soul Bursts

List of Yellow Soul Bursts


Q56. How is Soul Burst different from regular Burst?
A56. Soul Bursts can activate when their burst conditions are fulfilled like regular bursts, but they can also be activated ignoring the conditions through Catalyze.

Q57. Can cards with Soul Burst be treated as cards with burst effects?
A57. Yes, they are treated that way.

Q58. Can Soul Bursts be affected by "bursts cannot be activated" effects and Ultimate Hand?
A58. Yes, they are affected.

Q59. When activating Soul Bursts as regular bursts, can "when activated through Catalyze" effects not activated?
A59. Yes, that is correct. However, effects following up with "after that" and "after this effect activates" can be activated if the burst effect was activated.

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