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For the card of the same name, see Soul Burst (Card).


Soul Burst (Sバースト, Sōru bāsuto) is a modified version of Burst. So far all five card types have this keyword. They are treated the same as regular Burst cards, and are subject to Burst-targeting effects and Ultimate Hand. However, unlike regular Bursts, Soul Bursts can be activated ignoring the conditions through the keywords Catalyze and Twinkle Catalyze.


Q56. What is the difference between Soul Burst and the usual Burst?
A56. Besides being able to activate like the usual Burst, Soul Burst can also be activated, ignoring the Burst condition, through the effect of Catalyze.

Q57. Are cards with Soul Burst treated as cards with Burst?
A57. Yes, they are.

Q58. Is Soul Burst affected by effects that target "Burst" specifically, such as "Burst can't activate" or Ultimate Hand?
A58. Yes, it is.

Q59. When a Soul Burst activates through normal means, it cannot activate the part of effect with the clause "When this Burst is activated through Catalyze", right?
A59. That is correct. However, if the next part of the Burst effect is written with "then" or "after this effect resolves", that part can activate.

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Cards That Have Soul Burst Effects