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Solo Part (ソロパート, Soro Paato) is a Yellow keyword, appearing exclusively in BSC23. It is possessed only by "Diva" and "Stage Style" family Spirits. The keyword reads:

  • Solo Part - While Soul Core.png(Soul Core) is on this spirit, all your "[Name]" Spirits cannot be destroyed by opposing effects.

Although not a significant ability, Solo Part can prove to be useful in many parts, especially when facing Red, Blue, or even Yellow itself. Solo Part is also especially important as there is almost no effects that protect Stage Style Spirits among the Diva cards.

However, a big disadvantage of Solo Part is that it only prevents destruction, meaning depletion from Purple, or returning to hand/deck by White are still effective to the Divas. Furthermore, Solo Part requires Soul Core to be on a specific Spirit, limiting the user from Soul Core usage. Luckily, there are still a few cards that support Solo Part.

Solo Part can also be an indirect way to promote decks with a single Diva character, as the ability only targets Divas with the same name.

Cards That Have Solo Part Effects

Spirits with Solo Part

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