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Slayer Unleash (滅界放 ; Metsukaihō) is a keyword introduced in SD51, exclusive to The StarSlayerDragon Darkwurm-Nova X. The effect is worded as follows:

  • Slayer Unleash: 2 [LV2][LV3] Flash - Once per turn, destroy an opposing exhausted Spirit. Or, once per game, you can put two cores from your Red/Purple Grandwalker Nexus(es) to this Spirit. When you've done so, treat this Spirit as colorless, and destroy the Braves on every opposing Spirit/Grandwalker Nexus.

Noticeable official Q&A

Q3: When you control two Spirits with Slayer Unleash, and one of them activates the effect by moving two cores from the Red/Purple Grandwalker Nexus(es) to the Spirit. Afterwards, can the second Spirit also activate the effect by moving cores?
A3: Yes, you can move the cores, and destroy Braves on opposing Spirits/Grandwalker Nexuses again. This effect can only be activated once per game by the same copy. Other copies which have not activated the effect can activate it.

Q4: Can both the "Once per turn" effect and the "once per game" effect be used on the same turn?
A4: Yes, they can.

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