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Six Pentan Rush (六ペン連鎖 ; rokupen rasshu) is a finisher move-type exclusive to The HeavenlyDemonKing Pentan - Type God-Sechs -. The effect is worded as follows:

  • [Six Pentan Rush (Condition: Six Pentans)] When you have six or more "Pentan" Spirits, the symbols of this Spirit become 6 Yellow symbols.

Six Pentan Rush provided a great change to the Pentans archetype, as usually this archetype focused on spamming attacks with low cost Spirits. However, Six Pentan Rush saves the time of multiple attacks, hence giving the opponent less chance to react during each attack.

In order to stabilise the use of Six Pentan Rush, [Pentan Festival]Raquel provides destruction immunity to the field, securing the condition that Six Pentan Rush needs. Also, braving to Pentan Demon-God or Mythril Demon-God leads to an unblockable 7-symbol attack.

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