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Showdown(一騎打) is a special ability of Red that was introduced in BS33. Cards with this effect have the same text:

  • (Opposing Start Step) The opponent chooses a Spirit they control and compares BP with this Spirit. Destroy the Spirit(s) with equal or lower BP. When only the opposing Spirit is destroyed, activate the following effect: XXXXXXX

The effect name means a one-to-one direct battle between two sides without interference, and the effect closely resembles the origin.

A rare effect in Red that activates at the start of opposing turn. Since it is a direct BP comparison effect without flash timings or actual battles, it can destroy opposing spirits ignoring other effects in place. It is also not counted as "effect destroy", which can bypass remain on field effects that work solely on "leaving the field due to opposing effects", or effects like "cannot be destroyed by opposing effects". Since it is not "attack & block", Showdown can also target opposing spirits that "cannot block", or Imagine Brave. The effect hence provide a strong control tool for the player to shutdown the opposing board. The extra benefit provided with winning the Showdown, like drawing cards, is also allowing the player to obtain extra value without using further cards or even attacking.

On the downside, since the effect is compulsory and the opponent chooses what they compare BP with, the spirit with Showdown can easily be destroyed if the opposing Spirits' BP is high. In addition, although it is not a destroy effect, you still cannot target an opposing Spirit with Armor-named effects or immunity.

At some point of the game, since it doesn't matter if the opposing Spirit is exhausted or not, and can be used to destroy your own spirits (the one with Showdown) at the opposing start step without the opponent reacting to it, a loop is formed by using any low BP Showdown cards, The PreserverGod Vishten, effects that changes the burst condition to (When Destroyed by the opponent), effects that set Soul Burst cards from the Trash during (Your End Step), and retrieval cards. By keep destroying the spirit with Showdown, Vishten continues to force the opposing turn to end on spot, and allow the player to keep stalling.

In CB16, the second Gundam collaboration booster, Bushido, a new ability that is similar to Showdown but essentially an upgrade for it allows the player to choose which opposing spirit to compare BP with instead, is introduced .


Q1. What is Showdown?
A1. Showdown is an effect that has your Showdown spirit and a spirit of your opponent's choice compare BP during the opponent's start step. After comparing BP, the one with less BP is destroyed, and if the BP is the same, both spirits are destroyed. When only the opposing spirit is destroyed by comparing BP through Showdown, spirits can activate their own effects.

Q2. Is the spirit with Showdown exhausted?
A2. No, it is not exhausted.

Q3. Do "When Attacks" and "When Blocks" activate during Showdown?
A3. No, they do not. Showdown does not count as a battle.

Q4. When the opponent's spirit is destroyed through Showdown, does that count as being destroyed by opposing effects? Or does it count as being destroyed by BP comparison?
A4. It counts as being destroyed by BP comparison. Effects that activate when destroyed by effects do not activate.

Q5. When an opposing spirit with a "cannot be destroyed by opposing effects" effect is selected, is that spirit still destroyed if its BP is lower?
A5. Yes, it is destroyed.

Q6. When a spirit with Showdown is destroyed through Showdown, can a burst with the condition "when your spirit is destroyed by the opponent" be activated?
A6. Yes, it can activate.

Q7. When Showdown is activated, can the opponent select a spirit with Heavy Immunity: Red or one that is unaffected by opposing effects?
A7. No, they cannot.

Q8. Is there flash timing while Showdown is active?
A8. No, there is not.

Q9. Must Showdown be activated even if the opponent has a spirit with higher BP?
A8. Yes, it must.

Q10. Does Showdown activate even if the spirit with Showdown is exhausted?
A8. Yes, it does.

Q11. When your opponent activates Showdown, can you choose your own exhausted spirit?
A8. Yes, you can.

Q11. When two opposing spirits activate Showdown, which comes first?
A8. As the turn player, you can choose the order of the Showdown effects.

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