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Show Up (ショーアップ) is a keyword introduced in BSC39, exclusive to the "Diva" family cards. As the name applies, it represents the Divas turning up to an event as idols. The effect is worded as follows:

  • Show Up {Stage Style & "[name]"}
    By not attacking with this Spirit and returning it to the Hand, summon a target card from your Hand, without paying the cost.

While there is already On Stage, Show Up has the difference of returning the activating Spirit to the Hand, giving the player another chance to use Show Up again by summoning the same card. This allows the deck to be perfectly functioning with high cost cards while relying on only a few low cost cards. Any Divas that have both cards with On Stage and cards with Show Up also benefit from having more easy ways to summon the higher cost cards. Unlike Digivolution, Show Up can be activated anytime outside of battle during the Attack Step; and unlike Super Digivolution, an attack declaration isn't needed to activate Show Up, hence avoiding battles.

A rule to note is that if the Spirit with Show Up is unable to attack, such as being exhausted, or under the effect of King's Command, it can't activate Show Up. A tip to know is that since the effect doesn't specify a card type, Ultimates can also be summoned via Show Up.


  • Show Up is the first effect to use the () bracket in the original Japanese text.

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