Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin 


The series follows the daily adventures of 6th year elementary school student, Toppa Bashin, who has a mysterious red stone pendant from his father. One day he meets J Sawaragi, the consecutive tournament champion, who possesses a similar white stone. J challenges Bashin to a battle in the alternate universe, Isekai World, where spirits are real.

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Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan


12-year-old boy named Dan Bashin is taken to the alternate world of Grand Rolo by two mysterious siblings, Yuuki and Kajitsu Momose. There, he learns that he's one of the chosen core soldiers, bearing the light of the red core. Along with the other soldiers, he must save Grand Rolo from Otherworld King, who has been exploiting the worlds natives.

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Battle Spirits Brave

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Dan wishes to have exciting battles like in Grand Rolo again. He gets his chance when Mai invites him to the future, where the humans are being conquered by demons. There, he joins the crew of The Beautiful Sophia, and creates a deck based upon the newest type of cards, Brave.

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Battle Spirits Heroes


The series centers around Hajime Hinobori, whose parents built a battle system to fulfil his dream of seeing the spirits alive and battle for him. He went on a journey with his friends and joined many tournaments. He entered the Battle Spirits World Competition to test his skills on different card battlers. A new cards called Burst are introduced and added to this series.

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Battle Spirits Sword Eyes


Atlantia, the largest country of Legendia is torn apart by riots. 14 years later, a boy named Tsurugi Tatewaki, who was taken away from the chaos, meets Bringer, a card battler droid destined to protect Tsurugi. Tsurugi is trained in Battle Spirits to face the army of darkness, who is trying to gather the 12 Sword Braves to summon the Sword of Judgment.

Tsurugi planned to use it and defeat his brother Yaiba, the Midnight Sun king, later on, they have joined forces and used it to declare a war against God, it's a fight for mankind, risking the world to comeplete the quest.

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Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero


Rei is an adventurer called a "Card Quester." He wishes to collect strong cards scattered throughout space, and a battle with his rivals unfold.

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