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Seal (封印, Fuuin) is a special ability introduced in SD33. Although it is not limited to any color, it occurs only on God-King spirits. Spirits with this effect have one of the two following texts: 

  • Seal - (When Attacks) Send Soul Core from this Spirit to your Life.
  • Seal - (When Summoned) Send Soul Core from your Reserve to your Life.

This effect places Soul Core in your life. Spirits with Seal include The HorseTwelveGodKing Exeseed, whose Seal activates (When Attacks), and The DragonTwelveGodKing Ourovorius, whose Seal activates (When Summoned).

There are also a lot of other keywords that derives from Seal, including:

All of these keywords have a variation of additional effects or conditions between each other, but they all have the common function of sending Soul Core to Life.

Q & A

Q1. What is Seal?
A1. It is an effect that lets you send your Soul Core from a designated area to your life. It is an optional effect.

Q2. What is a [During Seal] effect?
A2. It is an effect that activates only when Soul Core is in your life.

Q3. When your life is decreased and there is both regular core and Soul Core on your life, can you choose which one to send to the reserve?
A3. Yes, you can.

Q4. When there is only Soul Core in your life and an effect activates that sends the core in your life to the void, what happens?
A4. As Soul Core cannot be sent to the void by effects targeting normal cores, that effect cannot reduce your life.

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