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Scars of Battle was the third English set of the Battle Spirits trading card game to be released. This set included spirit, spell and nexus cards, in the colors red, purple, green, white,yellow and blue. Four X-rare cards were included in this set, making 153 cards total.

The set was near identical to the Japanese set BS03. Some cards had their names changed (in most cases, for no known reason; For example, all cards with BattleBeast in their name became BattlingBeast). There were also modifications to the artwork on some cards which were deemed inappropriate. Two X-rares, The ArcAngelia Valiero and The GiantHero Titus, feature entirely different artwork than their Japanese counterparts.

Set Specifications

A promotional poster for Scars of Battle.

Release Date
February 05, 2010

Card List

Number Name Color Type Rarity
001 The FireSpirit Salamandert Red Spirit Common
002 Edgehog Red Spirit Common
003 The Assassin Dragno Red Spirit Common
004 Brontrident Red Spirit Common
005 Enchu Red Spirit Common
006 Runkaphorhynchus Red Spirit Common
007 Flame-Elk Red Spirit Uncommon
008 The BladeDragon Stegorasaurus Red Spirit Common
009 The FireBlower Melt Red Spirit Common
010 The BlackDragon Vritra Red Spirit Rare
011 The DinoCavalry Diridalus Red Spirit Master Rare
012 The GrandBishop Levia Red Spirit Rare
013 Hellscorpio Purple Spirit Common
014 Fish-Skull Purple Spirit Common
015 The EvilGrass Mindragora Purple Spirit Common
016 The InvisibleMan Eclear Purple Spirit Common
017 The GhostCaptain Silvershark Purple Spirit Common
018 Blackwraith Purple Spirit Common
019 The EvilTactician Hellmia Purple Spirit Uncommon
020 Mega-HumDum Purple Spirit Common
021 The Count Wyhl Purple Spirit Common
022 The DarkReefDiva Seiren Purple Spirit Rare
023 The ArtificialCreature No.44 Purple Spirit Uncommon
024 The VampireKnight Nosferat Purple Spirit Master Rare
025 Stagscissor Green Spirit Common
026 The WoodenSpirit Dryadena Green Spirit Common
027 Fullmingo Green Spirit Uncommon
028 Mogrunner Green Spirit Common
029 Machfly Green Spirit Common
030 The Master Rainer Bros. Green Spirit Common
031 The BlackWind Panther Green Spirit Common
032 The Spider Arachnet Green Spirit Uncommon
033 The Beatpriest Green Spirit Common
034 The FightingBird Bishamon Green Spirit Common
035 The GoldenFlower Zonne-Bloem Green Spirit Rare
036 The GodBird Peagod Green Spirit Master Rare
037 Ratatoscr White Spirit Common
038 Angelafish White Spirit Common
039 The Piper Heimdall White Spirit Common
040 Ver-Thandia White Spirit Common
041 The Artifact Asc White Spirit Common
042 The SeaCreature Dugong White Spirit Common
043 Hotaruri White Spirit Common
044 The Metal Surtr White Spirit Rare
045 The SilverFox Hati White Spirit Rare
046 The Unicorn Einhorn White Spirit Common
047 The CrystalGoddess Freyr White Spirit Uncommon
048 The ArmoredSnake Mithgarth White Spirit Master Rare
049 Mycanaen Yellow Spirit Common
050 Kinokonoko Yellow Spirit Common
051 Dongurin Yellow Spirit Common
052 Frog Fisher Yellow Spirit Common
053 The HundredFaces Flatface Yellow Spirit Uncommon
054 Arcanadoll-Tria Yellow Spirit Common
055 Gomazarashi Yellow Spirit Common
056 Ochogo Yellow Spirit Common
057 Jellfy Yellow Spirit Common
058 The Fairy Tinguly Yellow Spirit Common
059 Arcanabeast-Paira Yellow Spirit Uncommon
060 Rumpkin Yellow Spirit Common
061 The StrawberryGirl Strawberi Yellow Spirit Common
062 Chihuahl Yellow Spirit Common
063 Ponysus Yellow Spirit Common
064 The RoseLady Barossa Yellow Spirit Rare
065 The Angelia Curio Yellow Spirit Rare
066 The Angelia Archre Yellow Spirit Master Rare
067 Arcanaprincess-Un Yellow Spirit Uncommon
068 Forthros Yellow Spirit Common
069 The Rockhopper Pentan Yellow Spirit Uncommon
070 The GreatAngelia Exsia Yellow Spirit Master Rare
071 The BattlingBeast Bulltop Blue Spirit Common
072 The Pikeman Jeffrey Blue Spirit Common
073 Stone-Statue Blue Spirit Common
074 The BattlingBeast Doben Blue Spirit Common
075 The DogMan Murdoch Blue Spirit Common
076 The ClawSword Lazarus Blue Spirit Common
077 The AssaultSoldier Norman Blue Spirit Common
078 The Berserk Troll Blue Spirit Common
079 The StaffOfficer Foxin Blue Spirit Common
080 Rock-Golem Blue Spirit Common
081 The GiantCentaurusSoldier Danston Blue Spirit Common
082 Sharkhammer Blue Spirit Common
083 The BearMan Beard Blue Spirit Common
084 The GiganticCat Blynx Blue Spirit Uncommon
085 Wood-Golem Blue Spirit Common
086 The Repairer Baran-Baran Blue Spirit Uncommon
087 The BattlingBeast Rhino-Ceros Blue Spirit Common
088 The FortressCrasher Dennis Blue Spirit Common
089 Deep-Arnold Blue Spirit Common
090 The DragonSlayBlade Guy Blue Spirit Uncommon
091 The BattlingBeast Bun-Ffalo Blue Spirit Common
092 The GroundSupporter Francis Blue Spirit Uncommon
091 The BuffaloMan Bulltania Blue Spirit Common
094 The Weaponsmith Bagin Blue Spirit Uncommon
095 The Conjurer Oliver Blue Spirit Rare
096 The GiantKing Randolph Blue Spirit Master Rare
097 The BirdMan Blue Spirit Rare
098 The BattleDragon Wyvern Blue Spirit Master Rare
099 The IronFist Tiga Blue Spirit Common
100 The WeaponCollector Blue Spirit Master Rare
101 Volcano-Golem Blue Spirit Rare
102 The Outlaw Wasteland Red Nexus Uncommon
103 The Middle of Hard Battle Red Nexus Common
104 The Crossroads of Destiny Purple Nexus Uncommon
105 The Dark Reef Sea Area Purple Nexus Common
106 The Sea of Trees in Dark Green Green Nexus Uncommon
107 The Endless Horizon Green Nexus Common
108 The High Sky Covered by Metal White Nexus Uncommon
109 The Earth of Aurora White Nexus Common
110 The Sacred Place in Falling Stars Yellow Nexus Common
111 The Child's Room in Midnight Yellow Nexus Uncommon
112 The Kingdom of Cards Yellow Nexus Common
113 The Absorption Triumphal Arch Blue Nexus Rare
114 The Rampart of Sapphire Blue Nexus Uncommon
115 The Collapse of Battle Line Blue Nexus Common
116 The Loss of Heroes Blue Nexus Rare
117 The H.Q. filled with Fighting Spirits Blue Nexus Common
118 Fourth Draw Red Spell Rare
119 Buster Lance Red Spell Common
120 Flame Cyclone Red Spell Common
121 Double Hearts Red Spell Rare
122 Fall Down Purple Spell Common
123 Necromancy Purple Spell Common
124 Poison Mist Purple Spell Common
125 Weakness Purple Spell Uncommon
126 Potion Berry Green Spell Uncommon
127 Ivy Cage Green Spell Common
128 Multiple Cores Green Spell Common
129 Flock Recovery Green Spell Common
130 Möbius Loop White Spell Rare
131 United Power White Spell Common
132 Perfect Guard White Spell Common
133 High Elixir White Spell Rare
134 Puppet String Yellow Spell Common
135 Escape Route Yellow Spell Common
136 Focus Light Yellow Spell Common
137 Four Cards Yellow Spell Uncommon
138 Teleport Change Yellow Spell Rare
139 Same Tired Yellow Spell Rare
140 Shining Magic Yellow Spell Uncommon
141 Build Up Blue Spell Common
142 Salvage Blue Spell Common
143 Blitz Blue Spell Common
144 Magic Hammer Blue Spell Common
145 Scramble Blue Spell Common
146 Nexus Register Blue Spell Common
147 Golem Craft Blue Spell Rare
148 Construction Blue Spell Uncommon
149 Delta Crash Blue Spell Uncommon
X09 The SavageKnight Hercules Green Spirit X-Rare
X10 The IceBeast Mam-Morl White Spirit X-Rare
X11 The ArcAngelia Valiero Yellow Spirit X-Rare
X12 The GiantHero Titus Blue Spirit X-Rare