Sasuke Akatsuki
Real Name Sasuke Akatsuki
Aliases N/A
Voice (Japanese) Aki Kanada
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Episode 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Red
Key Cards Sengoku-Gurendragon
X-Rares Sengoku-Gurendragon

Sasuke Akatsuki (暁佐助) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Burning Soul.


Sasuke is a young boy with messy spiked brown hair and brown eyes. He wears yellow ninja's clothing, with images of shuriken on the front. Underneath his outfit is a black shirt. On each wrist is a red band.


Sasuke is cocky and wants to make a name for himself. He is unskilled at Battle Spirits due to playing too cautiously.


Sasuke is a beginner card battler from Musashi. He wanted to become famous, so he challenged the S-Class card battler Toshiie Homura. The members of Toshiie's gang wouldn't allow this, so he had to instead battle Nagayori Akai first. Sasuke lost the battle, because he was too focused on protecting his life. Afterwards, his deck was stolen, but Yukimura Rekka won it back for him.

Sasuke was impressed by the way Yukimura wanted to become stronger after beating Toshiie. He followed Yukimura, hoping to become his disciple. In order to help win him over, he offered Yukimura and Kanna a place to stay. Yukimura wouldn't agree to taking on Sasuke as a student, but did agree to be his battle opponent.

Later, both Souun Gunjou and Kanetsugu Houryokuin arrived to challenge Yukimura. Sasuke declared that both of them would have to defeat him first. In his battle with Souun, however, he was easily crushed by deck destruction. He never actually got the chance to battle Kanetsugu.

Yukimura later gave him Sengoku-Gurendragon, and began training with Sasuke. He let Sasuke help him when preparing for his battle against Toshiie.

When the Warring States Championship was announced, Sasuke hoped to enter. He wanted to be on Yukimura's team, but Souun and Kanetsugu already filled the other two spots. Still, Sasuke and his friends all entered a Rank-Up Battle tournament to hopefully become A-Ranks. Sasuke was tied for the most points with Munenori Hiiragi. They battled to determine who would win overall, and Sasuke was the winner.

Sasuke entered the Warring States Championship on a team with Taichi and Yuya.


He uses a red deck. His deck has contained at some point the following:

Name Color Type
Ashigaru Raptor Red Spirit
Bladra Red Spirit
Dinonychusaw Red Spirit
Erimakilizard Red Spirit
Mushamosaurus Red Spirit
Lizardedge Red Spirit
Kagutsuchidragoon Red Spirit
The FlameDragonDevil Ma-Gwo Red Spirit
Sengoku-Gurendragon Red Spirit
The CannonDragon Bal-Gunner Red Brave
The Thousand Knowledge Canyon Red Nexus
Victory Fire Red Magic
Sagitta Flame Red Magic
Shining Flame Red Magic
General Transmigration Red Magic (Burst)
Fierce Dragon Flame Red Magic
Douburyuu Draw Red Magic
Soul Draw Red Magic
Flame Slash Red Magic (Soul Burst)

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
1 Single battle Nagayori Lose
3 Single battle x23 (offscreen) Yukimura Lose
3 Single battle Souun Lose
25 Single battle Munepi Win
28 Single battle Norihide Win
45 Single battle Yukimura Unknown


  • He is named after the fictional ninja Sasuke Sarutobi.
  • He is voiced by Aki Kanada,who also voiced Ginga Hagane in "Beyblade: Metal" Series.
    • Both of these characters have a white plaster on their nose.


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