Sargasso Devil
Real Name N/A
Aliases Sargasso Devil
Voice (Japanese) Mika Matsuoka
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep. 18
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color White
Key Cards N/A
X-Rares The IceHero Mibrock-Baragan

Sargasso Devil (サルガッソー魔神) is a character in the anime and manga series Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits.


His true form is a white, blue and pink sink robot. After sucking up everything around him, he took a monstrous form, looking like a mountain of garbage out of battle. He has more robotic features in his battleform. He is wearing a scarf an cape, and his sink has eyes.


He was so ashamed and upset by his failure, which turned him angry and pessimistic.


Sargasso Devil was a robot who served a professor. He was entrusted with an engagement ring for the professor's girlfriend, which fell down his drain. He wanted to find it again, so tried to suck in everything around him. This created Sargasso space.

Because Rei's ship was stuck to him (as was the Triumvirate's) Rei challenged him to a battle. During the battle, when Sargasso Devil told Rikuto and Laila that they would never find the Ultimate Battle Spirits, Rei realized that it was because he too had something he wanted to find.

Mugen dumped hot water onto Sargasso Devil, which made the ring (actually a nut) come up through the drain again. Sargasso Devil was grateful, and left to find the professor again.


He uses a white deck.

Name Color Type
The IceHero Mibrock-Baragan White Spirit/Burst
Prod-Falcon White Spirit
The Sacred Laevateinn White Spirit
The Sacred Gaebolg White Spirit

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
18 Single battle Rei Lose



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