Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Episode 12
Zero ep12
English Translation Decision!? Strongest in the Galaxy!!
Kanji 決定!? 銀河で一番強いヤツ!!
Romaji Kettei!? Ginga de Ichiban Tsuyoi Yatsu
Air Date 12/15/13
Opening Theme I Wish
Ending Theme Nostalgia
Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Episode 11 Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Episode 13

The twelfth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero.

Kiriga challenges Rei for the space compass.


Rei and his company was about to enter the warp point when Kiriga came. Kiriga then challenged him to a battle risking the space compass. In return, if he is defeated, Rei can go straight inside the warp tunnel. As a result, Kiriga lost. 

Featured Card



Rei vs. Kiriga

Cards Used

Green Blue


Main Staff

  • Script: Shuichi Kamiyama
  • Storyboard/Episode Director: Akihiro Saito
  • Animation Director: Yukie Suzuki


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