Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Episode 09
Zero ep9.jpg
English Translation Green Star! The Ultimate Shooting Star!!
Kanji 緑の星! アルティメットだ流れ星!!
Romaji Midori no Hoshi! Aruteimetto da Nagareboshi!!
Air Date 11/17/13
Opening Theme I Wish
Ending Theme Nostalgia
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The ninth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero.

Rei's group visits planet Greensmoothie, but their relaxing vacation is interrupted.


Rei is enjoying the resourt in the Planet Greensmoothie when his deck is stolen by The Galaxy Triumvirate. Zard receive it form them and said he was going to use it as he become the boss of The Seven Galaxy General. Kiriga came, telling Zard that if he won he must return the deck to Rei. Rei was amazed on Kiriga's ultimate which is the key to his opponent's deck out.

== Video (Episode / Preview)

1) Preview

2) Episode Part 1

part 2

Featured Card

Ultimate-Castle Golem


Kiriga vs. Zard

Cards Used


BS08-020 - Dio-Mantis

BS19-025 - DarkDio-Mantis

BS19-X03 - The BlackInsectDemonlord Diabolica-Mantis

BS22-026 - Ghost-Mantis

BS24-023 - Saberhornet

BS24-025 - Kanabun


BS24-049 - Drian

BS24-050 - Quartz-Golem

BS24-052 - Riot-Golem

BS24-X08 - Ultimate-Castle Golem


BS15-037 - Kudagitsunen

BS21-040 - Gatoblepas

BS22-X05 - The EvilSacredBeast Chaos-Pegasuros

BS24-044 - Cocatrice


Main Staff

  • Script: Yuka Yamada
  • Storyboard: Jun Takahashi, Shouji Ikeno, Yoriyasu Kogawa
  • Episode Director: Shin'ichi Masaki
  • Animation Director: Masanori Aoyama


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