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Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits Wafers ~Champion of Space~ was a candy toy set. It came with a chocolate candy, and random card. Four X-Rares, Ultimate-Siegfried, Ultimate-Kingtaurus, Ultimate-Odin, and The IronHero Saigord-Golem were available. All cards were previously released. The set included spirit, ultimate, and magic cards in the colors red, purple, green, white, yellow and blue.

Number Name Color Type Rarity
BS28-007 Cape Rocker Red Spirit Commn
SD25-001 Rukbart-Dragon Red Spirit Common
SD25-003 The StarBowDragon Chaos-Wyvern Red Spirit Uncommon
BS25-014 The ChevalLancer Erigale Purple Spirit Uncommon
BS25-016 Darkwurm-Nova-Remnant Purple Spirit Rare
BS28-016 Jungle Crow Demon Purple Spirit Common
BS13-022 Yang-Ogre Green Spirit Uncommon
BS14-023 Kacchumushi Green Spirit Common
BS24-107 Dream Nebula White Magic Rare
BS25-030 Grey Garm White Spirit Common
BS28-033 Noisy Raven White Spirit Common
BS27-033 Shinryuu Yellow Spirit Common
BS27-034 Chocodra Yellow Spirit Common
SD24-002 The DarkWarrior Cleitus Blue Spirit Common
SD24-015 Muscle Wall Blue Magic Common
SD24-007 Mugendragon-Nova All Spirit Uncommon
SD25-004 Meteodrian All Spirit Uncommon
SD19-X01 Ultimate-Siegfried Red Ultimate X-Rare
SD22-X01 Ultimate-Kingtaurus Green Ultimate X-Rare
SD20-X01 Ultimate-Odin White Ultimate X-Rare
BS15-X06 The IronHero Saigord-Golem Blue Spirit X-Rare