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Rush (連鎖, rasshu) is a keyword which premiered in SD11. It isn't restricted to any colors. Charge is its keyword counterpart.

Rush encourages mixing colors, as it requires keeping a different color symbol on your Field to activate, designated on the card. Following the timing of the effect above Rush, as long as you have the conditions fulfilled, the Rush effect activates after. The actual effect of Rush varies from card to card.

Starting from BS24, symbol conditions also start to include two or more symbols, and the effect also includes non-colored symbols, such as the Ultimate symbol.

The format for Rush is as follows:

  • [Rush(Condition: [1 or more symbol])] (While you have [1 or more symbol], the effect below remains active.) [1 or more symbol]: [effect].


  • Even if the effect above the Rush effect can't activate, the Rush condition can activate if possible.
  • The Rush effect doesn't activate at the same time as the effect above it, but simultaneously after it.
  • If one effect has two Rush effects, the turn player chooses the activation order.
  • When a Magic card with Rush is used, the symbol condition is checked at the moment the card is used. So the Rush effect can activate even when the symbol is gone at the moment of its activation.
  • Dispersion can't affect the Rush effects on Magic cards.

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