Real Name Rukinosu the Cancer
Aliases N/A
Voice (Japanese) Yasuhiro Takato
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance ep.24
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Green
Key Cards The CancerAstralArmored BraveCancer,The ShellBladeGeneral Legioss
X-Rares The CancerAstralArmored BraveCancer

Rukinosu (ルキノス) is a character in the anime and manga series Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits.

"I summon The ShellBladeGeneral Legioss!"

"Messenger from another dimension! Make a big cut in the best piece of leg meat! Reverse 12 zodiac brave! I summon TheCancerAstralArmored BraveCancer at no cost!"


He is a green crab, with a human-like face. He wears a green jacket with a picture of a crab on the back, as well as green pants and shoes.


He loves to eat crab, and is like a savage, leaving a mess of shells everywhere. He seems to think ultimates would also taste good.


Rukinosu is a living doll, who has the essence of one of the 12 Reverse Zodiac Braves, The CancerAstralArmored BraveCancer. He was summoned by Miroku. Once appearing, he made a mess of crab shells in space, and destroyed the gate to the third class.

Miroku had him watch as Rei battled with Hansoro. He claims to remember Rei from the past.

He battled against Kiriga, using an ultimate-killer deck, and won easily. Then, he challenged Eris and also defeated her.

Once Kiriga found one of the Tri-Dragon Deities, he fought Rukinosu again. This time, the crab was defeated. Eris also had a rematch with him after she found her Tri-Dragon Deity, and Rukinosu again lost.

After losing in the Justice Cup, Rukinosu was angry. Denebola told him that all he could do was lose now, and Miroku also thought that he wasn't useful anymore.

Later, Miroku summoned a snake which devoured Rukinosu. The CancerAstralArmored BraveCancer card was sent to Miroku's deck, and the symbol for Cancer disappeared.

The Triumvirate pull Rukinosu, Denebola and Miroku out from Nakes' body, during the final battle. Once the battle is over, Rukinosu decides to return to his own dimension.


He uses a green deck, with his Reverse 12 Zodiac Brave as the focus.

Name Color Type
Saberhornet Green Spirit
Kanabun Green Spirit
The ShellBladeGeneral Legioss Green Spirit
The CancerAstralArmored BraveCancer Green Brave
Binding Creeper Green Magic
High Pressure Green Magic

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
26 Single battle Kiriga Win
27 Single battle Eris Win
28 Single battle Kiriga Lose
31 Single battle Eris Lose
37 Single battle Nameless opponent Win
38 Single battle Magical Star Saki Lose


  • He may be named for Karkinos, a crab in Greek mythology.


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