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Ruin Dragon (滅龍; metsuryuu) is a family which debuted in BS20, with Slave-GaiAsura.

It is a very small family, being mainly Red, but The ImmortalDragon Eternal-Dragonis is available in all six colors, and, outside of main sets, there are Destoroyah's final forms, which are Red and Purple. Generally, Ruin Dragons have powerful effects and high costs. One of the very typical spirit in the family being The ConvictionDownfallDragon Judgment-Dragonis, the spirit used by Garudos Randall in Battle Spirits Sword Eyes.

While there is only a limited amount of cards and support for the family in the main set, it becomes the major family of the Guilmon & Matsuda Takato deck, one of the decks from the Digimon Tamers series in the digimon collaboration, debuted in CB07, for Guilmon's evolution series being Virus type and could easily become a threat to the digital world. With the strong draw power and powerful effects, the deck became one of the collab decks that broke into the meta, and provided the base for a properly constructed Ruin Dragon deck.

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