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Rise of Angels was the second English set of the Battle Spirits trading card game to be released. This set included spirit, spell and nexus cards, in the colors red, purple, green, white and yellow. Four X-rare cards were included in this set, making 115 cards total.

The set was near identical to the Japanese set BS02. Some cards had their names changed (in most cases, for no known reason). There were also modifications to the artwork on some cards which were deemed inappropriate. The biggest difference was the de-powering of the first yellow X-rare, The ArcAngelia Mikafar , which was banned in Japan. Mikafar, as well as The Gigantic Thor , also featured entirely different artwork from their Japanese counterparts.

Set Specifications

Release Date
November 13, 2009

Card List

Number Name Color Type Rarity
001 Lizardedge Red Spirit Common
002 The Acrobat Juggline Red Spirit Uncommon
003 Dinohound Red Spirit Common
004 Orcaria Red Spirit Common
005 The Charger Dragno Red Spirit Common
006 Pteratomahawk Red Spirit Common
007 The RiseDragon Balmung Red Spirit Common
008 Fisdragoon Red Spirit Common
009 The DragonBuster Archeorni Red Spirit Common
010 The LavaDragon Plesios Red Spirit Rare
011 Zwei-Howle Red Spirit Common
012 The Conqueror Cendragos Red Spirit Master Rare
013 Bat-Bat Purple Spirit Common
014 Phantasma Purple Spirit Common
015 Humpdump Purple Spirit Common
016 Slimy Purple Spirit Common
017 Mummella Purple Spirit Common
018 Top Supra Purple Spirit Common
019 Bottom Desuper Purple Spirit Common
020 Lady-Frankelly Purple Spirit Uncommon
021 The SkullKnight Zo-Goin Purple Spirit Common
022 The Marquis Cocytus Purple Spirit Rare
023 The TwinSnake Hydram Purple Spirit Common
024 The General Bloody-Caesar Purple Spirit Master Rare
025 Sheep man Green Spirit Common
026 MachG Green Spirit Common
027 Caprihorn Green Spirit Common
028 Xscissors Green Spirit Common
029 Bathopper Green Spirit Common
030 The Soldier Ant Green Spirit Uncommon
031 Scorpede Green Spirit Common
032 Dachono Green Spirit Common
033 The CavalryBeast Sleiphorse Green Spirit Common
034 The OldSage Trenton Green Spirit Common
035 The DarkFeather Yatagross Green Spirit Rare
036 The Great Kaiseleon Green Spirit Master Rare
037 Sphereroid White Spirit Common
038 The Buckler Langlies White Spirit Common
039 The Sacred Mjolnir White Spirit Common
040 Lobsterk White Spirit Rare
041 Liorider White Spirit Common
042 Skuldia White Spirit Common
043 Arma-Dillo White Spirit Rare
044 The CannonArtifact Megarock White Spirit Uncommon
045 The ShieldDragon Fevnir White Spirit Master Rare
046 Wingull White Spirit Common
047 The AutoPriest Freyr White Spirit Uncommon
048 The DragonTank Earthguard White Spirit Rare
049 Piyon Yellow Spirit Common
050 Koristal Yellow Spirit Common
051 Chunpopo Yellow Spirit Common
052 Chagamaru Yellow Spirit Uncommon
053 The Fairy Tanya Yellow Spirit Common
054 Pom Yellow Spirit Common
055 Chauw Yellow Spirit Common
056 Arcanabeast-Ken Yellow Spirit Common
057 The FairyQueen Ti-Tanya Yellow Spirit Uncommon
058 Pentan Yellow Spirit Common
059 Lom Yellow Spirit Common
060 The Clown Clan Yellow Spirit Common
061 The Angelia Angu Yellow Spirit Common
062 Porkne Yellow Spirit Common
063 The HellDog Cerru-Berus Yellow Spirit Rare
064 The Melodybird Crewc Yellow Spirit Common
065 The BlossomChild Lip Yellow Spirit Rare
066 Arcanadoll-Pan Yellow Spirit Common
067 The Angelia Virchu Yellow Spirit Master Rare
068 The WhiteTiger Huck Yellow Spirit Common
069 The BlackTiger Kuron Yellow Spirit Common
070 Arcanaprince-Obero Yellow Spirit Uncommon
071 The PreciousBeast Carbulc Yellow Spirit Rare
072 Trickster Yellow Spirit Master Rare
073 The Kaiser Empereur Yellow Spirit Uncommon
074 The BalloonMan Barball Yellow Spirit Common
075 The GreatAngelia Principearl Yellow Spirit Master Rare
076 The Ancient Fault Red Nexus Common
077 The Plateau of Duel Red Nexus Uncommon
078 The Evil Coffin Purple Nexus Uncommon
079 The Forest of Amethyst Purple Nexus Common
080 The Limestone Cave of Emerald Green Nexus Common
081 The Budding Plain Green Nexus Uncommon
082 The Artifact Plant White Nexus Common
083 The Corridor of Mirrors White Nexus Uncommon
084 The Blessed Sanctuary Yellow Nexus Common
085 The Topaz Meteor Yellow Nexus Rare
086 The Spiral Tower Yellow Nexus Common
087 The Sealed Spellbook Yellow Nexus Rare
088 Cross Fire Red Spell Common
089 Spirit Link Red Spell Common
090 Mind Flare Red Spell Uncommon
091 Seventh Crimson Red Spell Rare
092 Energy Drain Purple Spell Common
091 Mind Control Purple Spell Rare
094 Bloody Rain Purple Spell Uncommon
095 Sacrifice Purple Spell Common
096 Divine Wind Green Spell Uncommon
097 Nature Forces Green Spell Common
098 Cast Off Green Spell Common
099 Life Chain Green Spell Rare
100 Invincible Shield White Spell Common
101 Reflection Armor White Spell Common
102 White Potion White Spell Uncommon
103 Reload Cores White Spell Rare
104 Additional Color Yellow Spell Common
105 Great Wall Yellow Spell Common
106 Royal Potion Yellow Spell Common
107 Time Reap Yellow Spell Common
108 Magic Book Yellow Spell Rare
109 Angel Voice Yellow Spell Common
110 Heavy Gate Yellow Spell Common
111 Spirit Illusion Yellow Spell Uncommon
X05 The TwinRowdy Diranos Red Spirit X-Rare
X06 The SevenShogun Destlord Purple Spirit X-Rare
X07 The Gigantic Thor White Spirit X-Rare
X08 The ArcAngelia Mikafar Yellow Spirit X-Rare