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[[Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits]] anime
[[Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits]] anime
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Real Name Riddle
Aliases N/A
Voice (Japanese) Taketora
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep. 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Red
Key Cards The DarkDragon Dark-Tyrannosaura
X-Rares The DarkDragon Dark-Tyrannosaura

Riddle (リドル) is a character in the anime and manga series Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits.


Riddle has blond hair and black eye. On his forehead is a scar. He wears a sleeveless black shirt.


He seems relatively normal, and is weirded out by Rei's form changing, but seems to find Rei interesting.


Riddle is a card battler who faced Rei, with an ultimate crystal at risk. He was defeated.

Later, he met Rei again. Rei considered Riddle a serious friend now, and they decided to have another battle. Riddle didn't expect Rei to use a purple form this time. After the battle, he told Rei news about another ultimate crystal.


He uses a red dark deck.

Name Color Type
The BlackSwordDragon Rexsbeat-Saura Red Spirit
The DarkDragon Dark-Tyrannosaura Red Spirit
Lancemosaurus Red Spirit

Battle StatsEdit

Episode Type Opponent Result
1 Single battle Rei Lose
19 Single battle Rei Lose



Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits anime


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