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Return to Prime (根幻回帰 ; kongengaiki) in a keyword introduced in BS52. Only the Reborn side of Rebirth X-Rares have this keyword, which is worded as follows:

  • Return to Prime - When this card leaves the field due to opposing effects, you can flip and deploy it.

Much like Rebirth works as a stay-on-field effect, so does Return to Prime, looping the card's presence on the field and enabling multiple uses of (When Deployed) and (When Reborn) effects, for as long as the player's counters allow it.


Q1: What is a Reborn Spirit's "Return to Prime"?
A1: When the Spirit is destroyed, depleted, returned to hand/deck, sent to Removed Zone or banished by an opposing effect, Return to Prime allows the player to pay the cost to deploy the Rebirth Nexus. When doing so, no counters are gained, and effects affecting the Reborn Spirit are interrupted. Also, while the player cannot use its own symbol to reduce the cost when deploying the Nexus, cores can be moved to it, and its (When Deployed)/Core Charge effects can activate, as well as any other effects which trigger upon a Nexus being deployed.

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