Reload (装填, Souten) is a Brave-exclusive keyword introduced in SD39, possessed only by Divine Weapon family Braves. The keyword's text reads as:

  • Reload - You can Advent onto this Brave in Spirit-form. When you Advent onto this Brave, you can Brave this pre-Advent card to that Spirit.

Reload is an effect that allows player to Advent onto Spirit-form Braves, which is impossible under normal circumstances. When the Brave card becomes a pre-Advent card, you can immediately fuse the Brave to the Advent Spirit.

Players can decide to have the Brave card with Reload ability remains as a pre-Advent card. Players cannot activate the Brave's (When Summoned) effect if they choose to fuse the Brave to the Advent Spirit, as the Brave is not being summoned when using the Reload effect.

After the player Advents on a Brave card with a Reload ability, they must first declare whether they will Brave fuse it with the advent spirit or keep it as a pre-Advent card. Once decided, both players will proceed to resolve (When Advents) and (When your Opponent Advents) effects.

Cards That Have Reload Effects

Braves with Reload

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