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Release (解封, literally "kaifou", but read as "ririisu") is a keyword exclusive to Grandstone Nexuses, debuting in BS54. This effect targets all kinds of card aspects, including families, card types, costs, card names, effects, and so on. When the Release condition is fulfilled, the Grandstone Nexus obtains one core from the Void. Release occurs immediately when the conditions is fulfilled, gaining one core from the Void. Afterwards, a Grandstone Nexus can flip itself through Rebirth when there are enough cores on it. The generic text is as follows:

  • Release: ([condition]) ◆When the Release condition is fulfilled, you can put one core from the Void to this Nexus.

Important ruling regarding Release:

For more Q&As on the Release keyword, check the Q&A section in Grandstone Nexus.

Cards That Have Release Effects

Nexuses with Release

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