Reiji Shiramine
Real Name Reiji Shiramine
Gender Male
Age 14
First Appearance Ch. 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color White
Key Cards The SilverKing Granz-Koenig

Reiji Shiramine (白峯冷児) is a character in the manga BatoSupi Club!.


Reiji has pale, short hair. His school uniform is a white dress shirt worn underneath a black jacket, worn like a cape similar to Smile. Below he wears belted black pants with black dress shoes.


Acts very cold towards Enji. He has a habit of adjusting his glasses.


Prior to the beginning of the manga, Reiji is challenged to a card game by Enji Kurenai and wins. Two years later in the present day, Reiji is the club of Bandai Junior High School's BatoSupi Club. He is rumored to be one of the top BatoSupi players in the country. Enji finds Reiji and challenges him again to a match. Reiji accepts upon the terms that the game be one of Battle Spirits. He wins again and welcomes Enji into the BatoSupi Club.


Reiji uses white cards included in the Strongest Silver Robo Deck.

His deck has contained at some point, the following.

Name Color Type
Eighty-Eighter White Spirit
Sunlight-Shisa White Spirit
Red-Itsukushima White Spirit
Masamu-Neos White Spirit
Diamond Strike White Magic
The SilverKing Granz-Koenig White Spirit

Battle Stats:

Type Opponent Result
Single battle Enji Kurenai Win


Rei means cold, while ji means child. His last name, Shiramine, means white peak.


BatoSupi Club! manga

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