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Red is one of the six colors in the world of Battle Spirits, premiered in BS01. It is represented by the ruby symbol. It has been favored by main protagonists in Battle Spirits manga and anime as their main color.


Red Symbol

Its symbol or gem in English was inspired by the gemstone ruby, which is also red in color. It has six sides but isn't quite a hexagon. Its shape is flat on top and bottom and has pointed sides.


The main strategy in Red is beatdown. Red is very aggressive, featuring many effects that reward players for attacking. It has many Spirits that gain extra BP when they attack (e.g. Edgehog). Also, Red specifies in BP destruction, which is destroying opposing Spirits/Ultimates in reference to the BP. Red is also prevalent in directly destroying Nexuses. These effects allow the Red user to clear the path before going for damages. Thus, it is very hard to defend oneself from red-based decks in early game.

Unlike Purple, Red tends to have problems destroying large Spirits, since BP destruction effects are always limited by the maximum BP they can target. However, as the game evolves, currently, destroying an opposing BP 20000 or less Spirit/Ultimate through effects is not hard to achieve at all.

Since Red focuses on offence a lot, it tends to struggle to keep a defence, often relying on highly versatile cards like The ChosenSearcher Alex or White Magic cards to make a last minute defence. Therefore, Red cards are barely recommended for control decks.

Themes and Flavour

Red is usually themed around destruction and the element of fire. The color red is strongly related to aggression and anger, which explain its tendency. Creatures in Red cards mainly consist of dragons and other reptilian creatures. Fire is frequently seen in Red Magic cards, such as Cross Fire. All these agrees well with red's highly aggressive tactics. Lastly, Red Nexuses tend to depict wastelands, which, by definition, are lands which are in a state of ruin.

Red also seems to have a hatred for White, since some of the red cards specifically target White, such as The Ruby Sun. Red is also the only color that has effects directly avoiding "Armor"-named effects. This is in all likelihood due to the fact that White is controlling and strives for order, while Red, in its core, desire aggression and freedom.


  • Gain BP when attacking
  • Destroying Spirits/Ultimates under a certain BP amount
  • Destroying Nexuses
  • Frequent card draw effects, especially during own turn
  • Core redistribution


  • The main protagonists in each Battle Spirits manga and anime series favor Red as their main color.

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