BS17-025 300
Name Rai-Shuyu
Kanji/Kana ライ・シュウユ
Released in (Japanese) BS17
Color Green Green core
Cost 5
Reduction Green coreGreen coreGreen core
Symbols Green core
Family Great General, Gaudy Trooper
Ability Windstorm
Level 1: 1 core, 4000 BP
Level 2: 3 core, 7000 BP
[LV1][LV2] (When Summoned) Return up to 2 opposing nexuses back to the hand. For each nexus returned to the hand with this effect, exhaust 1 opposing spirit.

[LV1][LV2] Windstorm: 1 - (When Attacks) When this spirit is blocked, your opponent exhausts the specified number of spirits they control.

[LV2] (Your End Step) Refresh all your "Great General" spirits.
Flavor Text
The 36th plan of certain victory was at last ready to use.


Rarity Master Rare
Illustration Hayaken
Rulings/Restrictions None


  • This card is based on Zhou Yu, a military general and strategist served under the warlord Sun Ce in the Late Eastern Han Dynasty. After Sun Ce's death, he continued to serve under Sun Quan. Known for his handsome appearance and his musical talent, but also a very brilliant tactician and becomes the rival of Zhuge Liang. His collaboration with Zhuge Liang would led to the demise of Cao Cao's army at the Battle of Chibi (or known as Battle of Red Cliff).
  • The background of this card's artwork resembles the situation during the Battle of Red Cliff, in which he burned the entire fleet of Cao Cao's battleships with the help of Zhuge Liang. (Which in the novel, conjured the Southeast Wind to help the fire spread faster.)
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