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Real Name Rahze
Aliases Rahze of the Underworld
Voice (Japanese) Hideo Ishikawa
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 11
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Purple
Key Cards The SkeletonSnake Skull-Pione
The SevenShogun Asmodios
The PlutoSacredBeast Inferd-Hades
X-Rares The SevenShogun Asmodios

Rahze is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Brave .


Rahze appears in battle form even outside the battlefied. He has white, long hair and red-colored eyes. He has a maks which covers his mout and half his face. His armor is predominantly dark blue and purple.


Rahze seems like a loyal servant to Balgada, the lord of Sevan.


Rahze was called upon to battle when Clackey Ray, captain of the Sophia, asked for a battle with Gizelle's freedom at risk. Clackey summoned Bashin Dan, a card battler from the past era. Rahze gained advantage by using curse spirits and summoning his X-rare, The SevenShogun Asmodios . Dan was able to make a comeback though, and Rahze was defeated. Rahze joined Balgada and the other Mazoku in leaving Sevan .

That was not the end of Rahze's adventures. He soon joined up with the Prison Imperial Squad after fighting the Imprisoned General Duc . He then challenged Dan for a rematch, where he used his new brave killer, The PlutoSacredBeast Inferd-Hades, as well as the nexus,The Dark Sacred Sword . He then told Dan that he wanted Balgada's ideal world, where humans and mazoku could coexist under mazoku rule.

Near the end of the battle, Dan told him that right now, Duc is only controlling his heart, and after this battle is over, he must return to Balgada. However, as Dan's final attack hits him, Rahze dies, leaving behind his gold mask.


Rahze uses first a purple deck based around disruption. Later he changed his deck to a brave-killer one with The Dark Sacred Sword combined with immortality of infern-hades.

Card he used are the following:

Normal Deck
Name Color Type
Demo-Bone Purple Spirit
The SkeletonSnake Skullpione Purple Spirit
The SevenShogun Asmodios Purple Spirit
Brave Killer Deck
Name Color Type
Demo-Bone Purple Spirit
Ashtal Purple Spirit
The PlutoSacredBeast Inferd-Hades Purple Spirit
The Dark Sacred Sword Purple Nexus

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
11 Single Bashin Dan Lose
28 Single (Brave Killer Deck) Bashin Dan Lose



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