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Pyro Drive (炎走破, Ensouha) is a keyword which was introduced in BS39 as the powered-up version of Furious Charge and is possessed exclusively by The Super-TwelveGodKing Exeseed Formula. The keyword reads:

  • {During Seal} Pyro Drive - (When Attacks) Destroy any number of opposing Spirits/Ultimates with BP lower than or equal to this Spirit's up to the number of "God-King"/"Ten Crown" family Spirits you control, and you can target attack one opposing Spirit/Ultimate. When you've done so, at the end of a blocked battle, for each Spirit/Ultimate destroyed in this battle, send one opposing Life to the Reserve.

An extremely powerful destructive effect, Pyro Drive already takes the Life-crushing target attack ability from the original Furious Charge and further adds it with a destruction effect that destroys a number of the opponent's weaker Spirits and/or Ultimates equal to the number of God-King and Ten Crown Spirits the player has on the Field.

Adding to that, with a possibly large amount of Spirits and/or Ultimates that are destroyed in one battle while Pyro Drive is in use, a vast number, if not all of the opponent's Lives can be taken away. If used properly, the player can easily win the game.

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