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Pursuit (追撃 ; tsuigeki) is a keyword introduced in BS54, exclusively to Red "Dragno"-named Spirit cards. This effect is worded as follows:

  • Pursuit (Your Attack Step) This exhausted Spirit can heavy exhaust to attack.

Pursuit is an effect very much suitable for aggressive play styles, allowing a Spirit to attack twice in one turn. It also makes the spirits being able to attack even when exhausted by Green effects. However, the downside is that it simply serves as a short burst, as without effects, the Spirit would have to wait for two turns in order to fully use the effect again. While at first a puzzling effect before the release of Pursuit, the revival of the promo card, The Commander Dragno, possesses the ability to completely refresh the Dragnos heavily exhausted due to Pursuit.

There is a variant of the effect: Great Pursuit.

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