Pre-Constructed Deck: Heroes, was a pre-constructed deck distributed exclusively through events. All cards were previously released. The set included spirit, brave, magic and nexus cards in the colors red and green. It contains 20 cards, with 2 copies of each, making 40 cards total.

Number Name Color Type Rarity
BS07-001 Rainydle Red Spirit Common
BS10-004 Eusthedea Red Spirit Common
BS10-009 Tornadra Red Spirit Common
SD01-006 The FineDragon Windrake Red Spirit Uncommon
SD03-001 Bladra Red Spirit Common
SD03-002 The SwordDinoman Stegorus Red Spirit Common
BS02-026 MachG Green Spirit Common
BS06-029 Maparrot Green Spirit Common
BS06-031 Mitsujarashi Green Spirit Common
BS08-026 The HeavyArmoredBug Goliearth Green Spirit Uncommon
BSC05-004 The ForestBird Sekkohkiji Green Spirit Common
SD03-010 The CannonDragon Bal-Gunner Red Brave Common
BS10-067 The KarakuriDog Shiba Green Brave Common
BS10-079 The Table Mountain Range Red Nexus Common
BS06-081 The Fruit of Wise Tree Green Nexus Common
SD06-013 Burst Draw Red Magic/Burst Common
SD06-015 Burst Flame Red Magic/Burst Uncommon
BS01-134 Binding Thorn Green Magic Common
BS10-103 Grawing Sword Green Magic Common
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