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Poison Blade (毒刃, Dokujin) is a keyword introduced in BS27, exclusive to Purple Spirits and Ultimates. The keyword is worded as follows:

  • Poison Blade: X (Timing)
    Place X cards from the opposing decktop under any opposing Spirits/Ultimates facedown. When those Spirits/Ultimates leave the Field, the cards under them are discarded.

Poison Blade is the first and only keyword to make use of face-down cards under Spirits and Ultimates. As such, even when the keyword itself stays irrelevant to the main meta, it is still very much relevant in official Q&As due to a lot of special interactions with various new effects.

The keyword is mostly possessed by The Fallen Knights, so the play style related to this keyword can be checked in that page.

Official Q&A

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Cards with Poison Blade