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Pioneer Abyssman Dolphina

パイオニア 異海人ドルフィーナ

Name Pioneer Abyssman Dolphina
Kanji/Kana パイオニア 異海人ドルフィーナ
Released in (Japanese) BS52
Color Blue Blue core.png
Cost 3
Reduction Blue core.png
Symbols Blue core.png
Family Primal, Fusion Beast
Level 1: 1 core, 3000 BP
Level 2: 2 core, 4000 BP
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2] (When Summoned) You can reveal three cards from your decktop. Add a "The GuideGirl Vina" and a Blue "Primal" family card among them to your Hand. The remaining cards are discarded.

[LV2] (Your Main Step) Add a Blue Rebirth card revealed by this Spirit's effect to your Hand. When you have at least two counters, this effect adds one more card.
Flavor Text
In the Blue World, competitions are everything. Alex, do you want to go take a look? Well, if we consider it to be information gathering... Wait, don't leave me behind!
Rarity Common
Illustration Tsuda Numato
Rulings/Restrictions None