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Phantom Return (げんせいかいgensei kaiki) is a keyword introduced in BS56, exclusive to The PhantomStarDragon Gai-Asura X -Lucent Rebirth-. The wording is as follows:

  • Phantom Return
    When destroyed by the opponent, you can flip and summon this card.

Phantom Return is an alternative version of Return to Prime. The main difference is that Phantom Return re-summons a Spirit while Return to Prime re-deploys a Nexus. While Phantom Return only triggers when the Spirit is destroyed, it is enough to balance the potential of Gai-Asura X.

Selected Official Q&A

No. Question Answer
4 What is this Reborn Spirit's Phantom Return? It is an effect that when this Reborn Spirit is destroyed by the opponent either through effects or BP comparison, you can pay the cost to summon the pre-Rebirth side of the Spirit. When you flip back and summon it, you do not increase counters, nor do the effects applied on the Reborn Spirit continue. Also, when you summon it, you cannot use its own symbols for cost reductions, and you can add more cores to the re-summoned Spirit, plus you can also activate effects which trigger upon summon, such as Core Charge.
5 When you activate Phantom Return to flip back the Spirit and summon, do the cores stay on it as they are? No, when you are resolving Phantom Return, the Reborn Spirit is treated as a Spirit card that you declared to summon. The cores on it are moved to the reserve first, then you pay the cost to summon the Spirit via Phantom Return.
6 When you activate Phantom Return to flip back the card to summon, is the Reborn Spirit before the flip still considered in destroyed state? No, it is not. When Phantom Return is resolved, the Reborn Spirit is treated as a Spirit card that you declared to summon, so any effect related to “being destroyed"/“leaving the field” cannot resolve, and it is not treated as a Spirit leaving the field anymore.
7 The Reborn Spirit has facedown cards under it due to Poison Blade. When Phantom Return activates, do the facedown cards stay with the pre-Rebirth Spirit after summon? No, they do not. When Phantom Return is resolving, the Reborn Spirit technically does not exist anymore, so the facedown cards are sent to the trash.
10 The Brave Reborn Spirit activates Phantom Return, when does the braved Brave become Spirit condition? The braved Brave becomes Spirit condition before you summon the Spirit card via Phantom Return, so when paying the cost, you can use that Brave's symbol for reduction costs.