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Phantom Awaken (げんかくせいgenra kakusei) is a keyword introduced in BS56, exclusive to The PhantomStarDragon Gai-Asura X -Lucent Rebirth-. The wording is as follows:

  • Flash - Phantom Awaken (Either Attack Step)
    You can put any number of cores from your Counter Area/Spirits to this Spirit. When you have done so, refresh this Spirit.

Phantom Awaken is an improved version of Ultra Awaken, also giving the option of moving cores from the Counter Area. This means that it is not needed to keep other Spirits on the field to move the cores, and the user can also stack up the counters before deciding to attack with Gai-Asura X. Since the Counter Area is mostly unaffected by the opponent, it is secured as a core source.

Of course, Phantom Awaken also serves as pseudo Count Break, being able to reduce the counters for more Rebirth later on.

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