On Stage (オンステージ, Onsutēji) is an effect introduced in BSC16. This effect is made only for the "Divas" in the pack of BSC16.

The effect reads: 

  • On Stage (Your Attack Step) Instead of attacking with this Spirit, by returning this Spirit to the bottom of your deck, a Spirit card from your hand/Removed From Game zone with name of "XX" and in family of "Stage Style" can be summoned with no cost, and draw 1 card.

XX = Name of a certain Spirit/Ultimate.

On Stage is a very convenient effect as it allows the player to summon a high-cost Spirit very quickly, pushing the game in a quick progress. Furthermore, since it also summons Spirits from the opened zone, the player can still put out cards for other effects.

However, since the Grand Advent era, anti-free-summon effects were promoted, leading to On Stage become a much weaker effect.


  • Only Divas in teams Shiny Hearts and Absolutes have this effect.
  • Before BSC31, Divas with the Stage Style family don't have this effect.

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