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Real Name Okyou
Aliases Queen
Voice (Japanese) Akiko Kimura
Voice (Tagalog) Charmaine Cordoviz
Voice (Thai) Arunee Nanthiwat
Gender Female
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color White
Key Cards N/A
X-Rares N/A

Okyou (お京) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin


A black cat, with green eyes. She wears a white stone on her collar.


Very devoted to J, believing him to be superior to everyone. She can sometimes seem cruel, but does have a softer side.


Okyou is J and Kyouka's pet cat. Because J's stone was awakened before the series, she already had the ability to speak.

When Bashin and J first met, Okyou believed that Bashin might be a chosen card battler, and convinced J to battle him. When J easily won, he wondered if maybe Okyou was wrong. After watching Bashin battle with Card Sensei later, however, he declared Bashin suitable to become his rival, and apologized to Okyou.

As a cat, Okyou took an interest in chasing Aibou. At the athletics meet, where Bashin and J's schools were competing, this caused some trouble. Okyou ran into the field, and accidentally tripped Striker. This not only cost Bashin's school the match, but Striker needed to be hospitalized. However, Striker later thanked her for this, as he wouldn't have been introduced to Battle Spirits otherwise.

Always loyal to J, Okyou decided to follow J when he decided to join Thousand Spirits Group. J became Number Eleven, taking the name Jack Knight, and Okyou called herself Queen. While a member, she refused to let anyone get in J's way, even Kyouka.

Okyou also got a chance to battle, when Aibou and the other pets appeared to try and convince her to come back. She lost, but still remained with the Numbers, partially in order to buy the others time to escape.

After J was defeated by Bashin during a tournament, he and Okyou finally returned to the others. The now complete Team Shomen Toppa was invited to the King Uchuuchouten Cup. While the team battled, Okyou and the other pets sneaked into the control room, to try and stop Number Nine's plan. When J and Hayami came to their aid, they were successful.

After the tournament, Bashin battled against King Uchuuchouten, using a six life system. Each life represented the stones held by the chosen card battlers. When these stones were destroyed, the spirits inside the pets would also be destroyed. When Okyou's life was lost, she reverted to a normal cat. Her last words were to tell J that she loved him.

In the epilogue, J is once again able to access Isekai World. Thus, it's implied that the stones are restored, and so Okyou would be able to speak again.


She uses a white deck, very similar to J's.

Battle Stats:

Episode Type Opponent Result
37 Single battle Aibou Lose


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