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Ogre Wizard (呪鬼; jyuuki) is a family premiered in BS01. Ogre Wizards are primarily Purple, but with the introduction of Digimon and Kamen Rider boosters, other colors of Ogre Wizards started to appear, such as Yellow and White. In terms of design, the family carries the theme of oni, a kind of youkai, demon, ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore. The early cards were mostly designed by Ishigaki Junya. Many of the creatures depicted in his cards extend long above their torsos and have skull-like heads and faces. Other common designs include wings like the skeleton of bats, and mask-like ornaments resembling death masks. The Makai archetype and its sub-archetype The Seven Shoguns belong to this family.

Ogre Wizard is one of the first Purple families, but after BS07, its support abruptly stopped, and only returned seventeen sets later, in BS24, as the old Ogre Wizard cards were redesigned as Ultimates. In Burning Legend era, it was one of the main supported families, and many of the new Ogre Wizards took on the aesthetics of traditional oni. Since then, support had become fairly consistent. Then in BS40, another wave of main support came, which focused on supporting the archetypes mentioned above. Finally, in Grand Advent era, Ogre Wizard became the main family for The Grandwalker Hera, which also introduced the Dolls archetype for the family.

On the collaboration side, Momotaros from Kamen Rider Den-O series has the Ogre Wizard family due to himself being a red oni. Then in CB17, with Kamen Rider Hibiki joining the game, Hibiki also took in the family due to the show containing the oni motif.

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