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Q1. What is Tribute?
A1. Tribute is a special way of summoning, it requires a Spirit with the same or higher of the required cost to be sacrificed.

Q2. Where is the "Required Cost"?
A2. "The "A cost of 6 or more" from "Tribute: A cost of 6 or more -> The Void (To Summon)" written on the card.

Q3. Where is the "Location"?
A3. "The Void" from "Tribute: A cost of 6 or more -> The Void (To Summon)" written on the card.

Q4. What are the process of "Tribute: A cost of 6 or more -> The Void (To Summon)"?
A4. After paying the summon cost, move all cores on 1 Spirit with cost 6 or more (Required Cost) you control to void (Location).

Q5. When using "BS02-096 - Divine Wind" to summon a Spirit with "Tribute" without paying its cost, is the effect of "Tribute" ignored?
A5. No, even the Spirit is summoned without paying its cost, effect of "Tribute" must also be activated.

Q6. When is the effect "When this Spirit is the tribute target" activated?
A6. The effect is activated after is being targeted for "Tribute", before the cores on the Spirit is moved to the location.

Q7. Can a Brave Spirit with a total cost of 6 be the target of "Tribute: A cost of 6 or more -> The Void (To Summon)"?
A7. Yes.

Q8. When a Brave Spirit is targeted for "Tribute", by placing core on the Brave of the destroyed Brave Spirit, can the Brave remain in Spirit condition on your field?
A8. Yes, it remains on your field in Spirit condition.


Q1. What is "Burst"?
A1. "Burst" is a card with this effect placed facing down on your field. Effects of Burst are treated as Burst effects.

Q2. How to set a "Burst"?
A2. A "Burst" is set by placing a card with effects of "Burst" facing down on your field without paying its cost. Setting the "Burst" can only be down during (Your Main Step).

Q3. How to activate Burst effects?
A3. Burst effects are activated by activating the Burst. For example, if the effect of (After Your Life is decreased) is fulfilled, it is activated without paying its cost.

Q4. Do you have to place any cores on the set Burst?
A4. No, you do not have to playing any cores on the set Burst.

Q5. What if you accidentally set a card that does not have Burst effects by mistake?
A5. You lose the battle. Even if you did not activate the set Burst until the end of Game, if you do not reveal the set Burst at the end of game before you put away your deck, you still lose the battle.

Q6. Can the set Burst be returned to hand to set another Burst?
A6. No, the set Burst cannot be returned to hand. If willing the set another Burst, the previously set Burst must be discarded in order to set a new Burst. It is not possible to discard the previously set Burst without setting a new one.

Q7. If the Burst condition is fulfilled, must the set Burst be activated?
A7. No, it is optional to activate the set Burst when the condition is fulfilled. The same set Burst can be activated later in the game whenever the condition is fulfilled.

Q8. Can the (Flash) effect of Magic cards with "Burst" be activated from hand?
A8. Yes, the (Flash) effect of Magic cards can be used as normal Magic cards.

Q9. Can the (Flash) effect of Magic card that is set Burst be activated during the "Flash Timing" by paying the cost?
A9. No, you cannot do so.

Q10. When is the effect and the cost payed of (Flash) activated under the effect "Destroy 2 opposing Spirits with 3000 BP or less. After that, by paying the cost of this card, activate the (Flash) effect of this card."?
A10. The (Flash) effect is activated and the cost is payed after the effect of "Destroy 2 opposing Spirits with 3000 BP or less", and before the (When Destroyed) effect is activated of the destroyed Spirits. After the (Flash) effect is activated, the (When Destroyed) effect is activated.

Q11. Is Burst effect blocked by effects of "Immunity" or "Invincibility"?
A11. Yes, Burst effects of Spirits are treated as the effects of Spirits, and Burst effects of Magics are treated as the effects of Magics.

Q12. Can Burst effects of Magic cards be ignored with effects of "Ice Wall"?
A12. No, "Ice Wall" cannot ignore Burst effects of Magics cards, because "Burst effects" are not treated as using Magic cards.

Q13. Can Magics cards that are revealed be set Burst?
A13. No, you cannot do so.

Q14. A14.



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