Battle Spirits Wiki
Real Name Nakes
Voice (Japanese) Toshiyuki Morikawa
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Episode 44
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Purple, Yellow, White
Key Cards The SnakeEmperorAstralArmored BravePiooze
X-Rares Ultimate-Gai-Asura, The SnakeEmperorAstralArmored BravePiooze

Nakes (ネイクス) is a character in the anime and manga series Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits.


Nakes is a grey-skinned humanoid with elfish ears, and red facial markings. He has green eyes and white hair. He wears armor over his chest and shoulders, decorated with eyes, and additional armor on his lower body.


He is a man who takes pride in his deep darkness. He believes in consuming everything, and wants it all to himself.


Nakes is the incarnation of Ophiuchus. Miroku released him from his seal after consuming Rukinosu and Denebola. When Miroku was younger, he felt weak and useless, and was left for dead on the streets. He called out for help, and Nakes answered. Nakes told him to consume everything, promising him strength if Miroku would release him. He went inside Miroku, which gave him his powers and multi-colored eyes.

When Nakes was released, he battled against Kiriga, using a deck he'd borrowed from Miroku and never tried before. During the battle, he stated that he wasn't controlling Miroku. The both of them simply needed each other. Nakes won the battle. Afterwards, he wanted to consume Rei and Kiriga, but Miroku told him to wait, as they still have someone interesting to deal with.

After Miroku and Nakes reached the Ultimate Battle Spirits, Nakes betrayed Miroku, in order to take it for himself. He also consumed Galaxy Watanabe. Miroku was shocked by this turn of events. Nakes said that to thank Miroku for providing his consciousness with a vessel, he would also absorb Miroku. When combined with him, and the Ultimate Battle Spirits, he changed shape into a monstrous form. He sent out a wave in the direction of Justice Tachibana's planet, which damaged space.

Nakes released a snake to attack the Treasure ship. In order to help Rei and the others escape, Eris challenged him. Eris won the battle, but her whereabouts were unknown afterwards. Next, Kiriga faced Nakes. During the battle, Miroku was boating about his power. Nakes decided to try and consume Miroku completely, so that he would know the power wasn't really his. Nakes wanted to be the only one to consume space. Kiriga also won his match, but like Eris, his fate was unknown.

Nakes battled against Zero last. Each time he took one of Zero's lives, space would be damaged, and if Zero’s lives are all lost, in the end, completely destroyed. Nakes claimed that his darkness came from loneliness. Therefore, he wished to consume all of space. He believed Miroku was just like him, and that's why he wanted them to become one. To his shock, Nakes was defeated in the battle, so he spit out everything he had consumed, repairing space. Denebola and Rukinosu asked him to come back to the other dimension with him, and thus Ophiuchus was consumed into the Reverse Zodiac.


Nakes uses a multicolored deck focused on increasing the life and hand to make sacrifices for The SnakeEmperorAstralArmored BravePiooze and Gothic-Grave's effects.

Name Color Type
The ChevalLancer Erigale Purple Spirit
Soulhorse Purple Spirit
Shikitsuru Purple Spirit
Kotsugaizi Purple Spirit
DarkSwordoll Purple Spirit
DarkDemo-Bone Purple Spirit
Swordoll Purple Spirit
Nijinoko Yellow Spirit
Gatoblepas Yellow Spirit
The Angelia of Light Dariel Yellow Spirit
Ultimate-Desperado Purple Ultimate
The UltimateHeroDragon Ultimate-Yamato Red Ultimate/Burst
Strikewurm-Leo-Reverse White Spirit
The SnakeEmperorAstralArmored BravePiooze Purple Brave
Gothic-Grave Purple Spirit
Burst Wall White Magic
Power Down Yellow Magic
Vampiric Nail Purple Magic/Burst
Neo-Call of Lost Red Magic
Suppresion White Magic
Ultimate Wall White Magic/Burst
Double Blaster Red Magic/Burst
Cannonball Red Magic
Recovered Core White Magic

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
44 Single battle Kiriga Win
46 Single battle Eris Lose
47 Single battle Kiriga Lose
48-49 Single battle Rei Lose


Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits anime, From Episode 44.