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Nagayori Akai
Real Name Nagayori Akai
Aliases N/A
Voice (Japanese) Shuuhei Sakaguchi
Gender Male
Age N/A
First Appearance Episode 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Red
Key Cards Dos-Monkey
X-Rares The KatanaHero Musashied-Ashliger

Nagayori Akai (赤井長頼) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Burning Soul.


Nagayori has brown hair which is yellow in the front. His eyes are black. He wears a black shirt and very baggy blue pants. He has a long white jacket, with red designs on it. He has red markings painted under his eyes.


Nagayori is cocky and arrogant. He looks down on unskilled battlers. He is an adoring fan of Toshi.


Nagayori is a member of Toshiie Homura's gang. He is part of the elite guard. When Sasuke Akatsuki came to challenge Toshiie, he decided to battle in Toshiie's place. He won the match, and stole Sasuke's deck afterwards. Then, Yukimura Rekka challenged him to win the deck back. Finding out that Yukimura had a personal machine, and thus was likely an S-Class battler, he was nervous the whole time. Ultimately, he lost.

Nagayori was upset when Toshi left Musashi, and had been training to be on a team with him in the national tournament. He followed Toshi and eventually caught up, and the two registered together.


He uses a red deck. His deck has contained at some point the following:

Name Color Type
Dos-Monkey Red Spirit
Ohdoran Red Spirit
Rainydle Red Spirit
One-Kengo Red Spirit
The KatanaHero Musashied-Ashliger Red Spirit

Battle Stats

Episode Type Opponent Result
1 Single battle Sasuke Win
1 Single battle Yukimura Lose
35 Single battle Kanetsugu Lose


  • The kanji 赤 (aka) in his name means red.
  • He is named after Nagayori Murai, a retainer of Toshiie Maeda. However, among Toshiie's retainers there were others named Nagayori.
  • Nagayori Akai's VA,Shuuhei Sakaguchi is known being the narrator of the net video series, Let's Play Battle Spirits!.
  • His general behavior is very similar to Zazie from Battle Spirits Brave and Gordy Dain from Battle Spirits Sword Eyes. Due to the fact that they are very funny and a comic relief character.
  • He is the only named non s-class battler to enter the Warring States Championship. Since he eventually make it due to him joining Toshiie and Shingen.


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