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NERV (ネルフ) is a family in the Battle Spirits trading card game which debuted in SD62 and CB21. It is a major family of the Evangelion collaboration series, and represents the relationship between cards of this family and NERV, a secret organization with the same name that plays a major role in the Evangelion series.

In the original series, it is an organization formed after the Second Impact to combat against the Apostles (Angels), and its name comes from the German of "nerve". Evangelions are created by NERV. Hence, most of the "Evangelion"-named cards have the NERV famiy. Including Pilots, members of the organization, the base, and the Evangelions, NERV family covers Spirits, Nexuses, and Braves, and is mainly in Purple/Red color, with a bit from Yellow,Green and Blue.

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