My Unit (マイユニット, Mai yunitto) is an ability that debuted in BSC18. Spirits with My Unit can activate their ability by placing X spirits in the family "Song Princess" beside them, where X is the number given to the My Unit effect. 

The effect has the following text: 

My Unit: X (When Attacks) By arranging X refreshed Spirit(s) in the family "Song Princess" you control on the left/right/both side(s) of this Spirit, (additional effects).

The latter effect of My Unit varies by spirit. Only Song Princesses have this ability. Since BSC31, My Unit doesn't only target number of Spirits, but also the family of Spirits.

While My Unit requires some set-ups, some of them can perform a fairly more powerful effect than normal Divas can do. Furthermore, there are also Divas who can apply additional effects to the attacker when they are used to align for My Unit. My Unit is one of the abilities that allows the player to create several combos in one attack.

A disadvantage of My Unit is that Spirits are easily destroyed before the player can summon the main card out. Since Diva cards can be fairly high cost, it becomes very hard for the player to summon all the Spirits in one turn. Protection is needed when using a deck around My Unit.

Official Q&A

Q1. What kind of effect is [My Unit]?
A1.It's an effect where you align X number of your refreshed Spirits in the "Song Princess" family at the side of your Spirit that activated [My Unit: X] to activate the effect next in line.

Q2. When a [My Unit] effect would destroy an opposing Spirit, if there are no Spirits on my opponent's field, can I just do the alignment?
A2. No you cannot. Effects that has "by doing X" in their text cannot be activated if either one of the effects cannot be applied.

Q3. Can the aligned Spirit attack/block afterwards?
A3. Yes, it can.

Q4. After the effect has resolved, must the aligned Spirit always stay aligned?
A4. No, after the battle that you activated [My Unit] ends, you may move the Spirits freely.

Q5. Can a Spirit already aligned with [My Unit] be aligned again by another Spirit's [My Unit]?
A5. Yes, that is possible.

Q6. For [My Unit: 2], I can't activate it if I can only align one Spirit?
A6. Yes, that is correct.

Q7. For effects that states *When "X" is aligned with [My Unit]*, it can be activated as long as the Spirit aligned has "X" in its name?
A7. Yes, that is correct.

List of cards with My Unit

List of Spirits with My Unit

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