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Moon On The Stage (ムーンオンザステージ) is a keyword introduced in SD50. This keyword is a variation of On Stage and exclusive to [Starlight Academy Uniform]Kanzaki Mizuki. The keyword's "Moon" word refers to Mizuki's name, which means "beautiful moon" and her nature as a light which shines bright above all others. The effect is worded as follows:

  • Moon On The Stage - (When Attacks) You can Advent a "Kanzaki Mitsuki" from your Hand onto this Spirit. Or, you can put one "Stage Style" family "Kanzaki Mitsuki" from your Hand to your Removed Zone. When you've done so, return this Spirit to your Hand and summon the card you put in your Removed Zone, without paying the cost.

With this effect, the player can opt to either summon [Royal Moon Coord]Kanzaki Mizuki, advent it before the opponent can use Flash Timing or even summon [Summer Night Moon Coord]Kanzaki Mizuki.

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