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Mirage Flash (ミラージュフラッシュ) is a keyword introduced in BS57. The wording is as follows:

  • Flash - Mirage Flash: Color(/Color2) (Your Attack Step)
    Once per turn, by putting a core from the Void to your Life, activate a Flash effect of your Color(/Color2) Magic card Mirage, besides any "During Set" effects, without paying the cost.

Like a typical Yellow effect, the keyword consists signature effects of the color, the life gain and activating Magic effects. It's also a new way of expanding what Mirage can do. Plus it's a rare moment of promoting using different colors of Magic (other than the generic White defensive Magic cards) in one deck. The downside is that since it's a "by" effect, not being able to gain life or use a Flash effect will result in the whole effect being unable to activate. This weakness is especially apparent in the environment of its release, where anti-life gain can be rather common.

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