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Mika Kisaragi
Real Name Mika Kisaragi
Aliases Battle Spirits Sage
Voice (Japanese) Mikako Takahashi
Voice (Italian) Chiara Oliviero
Voice (Thai) Kanitha Pranitphalakrang
Gender Female
Age N/A
First Appearance Ep 1
Battle Statistics
Preferred Color Yellow
Key Cards Shogunpentan, The ArcAngelia Mikafar (banned)
X-Rares The ArcAngelia Mikafar

Mika Kisaragi (如月 ミカ) is a character in the anime and manga series Battle Spirits Heroes


She has brown hair and purple eyes. Normally, she wears a white t-shirt with blue sleeves, and blue shorts under a pink apron.


Mika is kind and seems to look out for Hajime and is like an older sister to him. She seems to care about all the kids, although, she acts much more harshly around Arata.


Mika works at the Battle Spirits shops where Hajime and other card battlers come to play. She is also a card battler herself, and used to be a member of her school's Battle Spirits club, under the advisor, Keisuke Saimon. After her key card, The ArcAngelia Mikafar was banned, she didn't like to play much anymore.

After Hajime lost in the Hero Championship, she disguised herself as the Battle Spirits Sage and invited him to a Battle Spirits dojo to battle her. Wearing various costumes, she kept appearing to help Hajime along with his training.

Before the world tournament, her real identity was exposed to Hajime, who was the only one who hadn't yet realized it.


Mika uses a Pentan-centric deck.

Name Color Type
Ezono-Owl White Spirit
Pentan Yellow Spirit
The Postman Pentan Yellow Spirit
The Penpress Yellow Spirit
The FortuneTeller Pentan Yellow Spirit
Princepentan Yellow Spirit
The Butler Pentan Yellow Spirit
Kudagitsunen Yellow Spirit
Shogunpentan Yellow Spirit
The SuperEmperor Siegpentan-Nova Yellow Spirit
Butterhorn Yellow Brave
The Empire of Pentan:the Capital Empereur Yellow Nexus
Wing Boots Yellow Magic
Hand Typhoon Yellow Magic
Reboot Code White Magic

Battle Stats:

Episode Type Opponent Result
11 Single battle Hajime Lose



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